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With society’s growing interest in celebrity lives, there is an ever-present thirst to get up close and personal with stars at the most fascinating point in their careers. IAM Events fulfils this desire, putting our audiences face to face with their idols.

IAM Events deliver exclusive, high calibre events with some of the largest names and characters in entertainment. People with a real story to tell, primarily from the sport, music, film and TV industries. We connect entertainment stars with audiences and fans in a very exclusive and professional environment with high quality production. Attendees to an IAM event get much more than ‘an evening with’.

The luxury brand was formed by a group of individuals with a vast amount of experience within the high-class events industry. The desire was there to create high-end, refined occasions and leave audiences feeling like they’d had a true one-off experience, so good they would be recounting it to friends for a long time after. The group behind IAM have the contacts, industry knowledge, style and vision to deliver a unique concept at each IAM event, plus the know-how to anticipate and understand which guests from the world of entertainment will be able to transfix an audience.

With consistently fantastic entertainment, a charity auction and known interviewers such as Sky Sports pundit Johnny Nelson, our events are designed to surprise and delight. Unscripted Q&A sessions that follow the main interview allow the audience to direct questions, giving a fascinating insight into each special guest.

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Inspirational. Aspirational. Motivational.


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